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The writings below are short samples from ESL students.  They were answering the question:  What are the challenges of living in a new culture?  Please read them and answer honestly:  which of these writings is most like your writing?  Which level do you think you should be in?  If you are not sure, choose the highest level that seems like your level.


When I came to the USA.  It was a big challenge for me and my family.  For example here in the USA I have to work to do doctor appointment and also study because here I am living only.  Here is no family and no relatives.  I have to do everything by myself.
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As far as we know new culture has a lots of challenge. The most important challenge for every body is find a job without knowing the language. It is like a nightmare. For example, when I moved to San Diego I start filling a lots of online application, but nobody didn’t response back to me. I was disappointed. I was try to adopt myself but I need money to support my self here and after 8 month Finally I got hired in a restaurant.
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Loneliness is one of the challenges of living in a new culture. Living in a different culture and place might be stressful and hard to maintain good motivation. But, if there are friends, and they help to solve any issues, it is possible to adapt to circumstances. In my experience, when I have lived in San Diego, I had had a few problems such as foods, culture shock, and others. But, I had talked to friends a lot, and they gave me a few pieces of advice.  Friends are always great.
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There are many challenges for foreign people in this country. Starting with the language. In some cases, there are similarities between English and Spanish (my first language), so in my case it is not as difficult to speak or write it as for Chinese people, for example. However, English grammar has many rules. It makes English challenging. As researchers at Harvard University state, “If English is not your first language, speaking and listening to English every day and trying to understand how things are done here may feel like an overwhelming effort.” That overwhelming effort is a big challenge. Then, I am far away from my loved ones, so the distance with my core friends and relatives is difficult to face because you don’t have that support to make your life easier. This becomes harder if you are completely alone here.
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