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The Dreamer Success Program is committed to providing a safe and caring space where undocumented students have access to diverse, equitable, accessible, inclusive and anti-racist educational opportunities. The purpose of the program is to share knowledge, teach college skills, and build social capital. Through these actions of support, each student will facilitate their own path to their academic and life goals.

Our Support

The Dreamer Success Program supports students through the following services:

  • A safe and welcoming space in the Cariño Dream Village
  • Access to study spaces, computers, and printing
  • Connecting students to academic counseling and advising services
  • Support in navigating the California Dream Act application and AB-540 exemption
  • FREE expert immigration legal support through a partnership with Higher Education Legal Services, a program of Jewish Family Service
  • Referrals to trustworthy community resources for students and their families
  • Engaging campus workshops to support student development
  • Support for undocumented, mixed status high school and adult education students transitioning to a community college
  • Bilingual staff

Feel free to reach out and take advantage of these opportunities tailored to your success!


Student personal identifiable information (e.g., Student ID numbers, home address, phone numbers, etc.) is kept confidential. We do not share information with third parties (e.g., extended family, non-profits, government agencies, etc.)