Department Policies

Absences and Substitute Teachers

To facilitate reporting to the college, instructors should complete the Notification of Instructor Absence Form (which is available on the department web site), and send it to their coordinator. The coordinator will then forward it to the ADA. If you know that you will miss a class due to personal necessity or personal business, please complete the form, and send it to your coordinator well in advance of the absence. If you are ill, please let your coordinator know asap; then you can complete and send the form after the absence.

Coordinators will not look for substitute teachers unless they have been given notice at least 36 hours before the class meets. This means that if an instructor becomes ill the day of the class, the class will be cancelled, but if the instructor is ill for longer than one class period, hiring a substitute will be left to the coordinator’s discretion.


Photocopying Policy

In addition to the syllabus, you may place 20 photocopying orders per semester (8 orders in summer session).  Please submit this work to your office staff at least 24 hours in advance.

There are a couple of issues to keep in mind. One, copyrighted materials, especially the consumable workbook type, are better avoided. Two, excessive photocopying is not allowed due to the limited photocopying budget in the department. Thus, no more than four pages of master copy is permitted for any one order request. An alternative is to use the data projector or overhead projector.

Remember — to get photocopies done for your class, you need to plan ahead and give the office clear written instructions attached to your master copy 24 hours ahead of time. The ready copies will be placed in your mailbox.



The ESL department generally does not allow students to audit classes except under special circumstances, such as a staff member wanting to take a class. (Inability to pay non-resident fees is not a special circumstance.) If a student asks to audit a class, it is recommended that the instructor discuss it with his/her coordinator or the department chair.