Spring 2019 Schedule:
N CTZN 900 (Citizenship)

Friday’s, 6:00 – 8:50 p.m. on the San Marcos Campus

Saturday’s, 9:00 – 11:50 a.m. on the Escondido Campus

Citizenship classes provide students with a knowledge of United States history, government and institutions, and the use of community services and agencies. They are designed to assist eligible individuals to become United States citizens. The class prepares students to take the Citizenship Examination. Students will practice listening and speaking skills in English that are necessary to pass the oral test with an Immigration and Naturalization Service official. Students will learn how to fill out the Citizenship Application (INS N 400.) Students will focus on literacy skills that are necessary to pass the written test.

To register for a Citizenship class, students will need to fill out a Community Education form for non-credit (N CTZN 400). This can be done at the ESL Office on campus in Room H-116. For information about the Citizenship Program, contact the ESL Department (760) 744-1150, ext. 2272.

The class is free, although students will have to pay a health fee (usually between $18-$22).

English skills are helpful for students taking this course, but this course is open to students of all English abilities.

Citizenship Student Learning Outcome


By taking the Citizenship class, students will be able to:

  1. complete practice items from one or more of the following examinations: CASAS, ETS, 1/3 INS Test;
  2. complete INS N-400 Form;
  3. answer both written and oral questions about the history and government of the United States; and
  4. understand and answer interview questions.

Some of the topics that are covered in the class include the following:

  • Past Events in the Early History of the United States
  • Structure of the Federal Government
  • Privileges and Obligations of United States Citizens
  • Requirements for Citizenship

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