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Last modified on May 5, 2015

Strategic and Master Planning at Palomar College

Palomar College Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

Learning for Success

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an engaging teaching and learning environment for students of diverse origins, experiences, needs, abilities, and goals. As a comprehensive community college, we support and encourage students who are pursuing transfer-readiness, general education, basic skills, career and technical training, aesthetic and cultural enrichment, and lifelong education. We are committed to helping our students achieve the learning outcomes necessary to contribute as individuals and global citizens living responsibly, effectively, and creatively in an interdependent and ever-changing world.

Our Values

Palomar College is dedicated to empowering students to succeed and cultivating an appreciation of learning. Through ongoing planning and self-evaluation we strive for continual improvement in our endeavors. In creating the learning and cultural experiences that fulfill our mission and ensure the public's trust, we are guided by our core values of

Strategic and Master Planning at Palomar College

Our Current Plan - Strategic Plan 2016

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