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What is Professional Development?

Board Policy 167 states: Professional Development (87-12256)

Opportunities will be provided for faculty members to continually extend their professional competence by keeping current in their fields, by increasing their workplace effectiveness (e.g. enhancing teaching or counseling skills) and by contributing to the organizational dynamics of the College. GB 2-23-88

Professional Development Office at Palomar College

The Professional Development Office is dedicated to providing a variety of resources for Palomar College's faculty to continue scholarship within their disciplines, to become versatile and skillful teachers, counselors, and librarians and finally, to meet the increasing demands of organizational and program innovation.

Our professional development program is unique as compared to other community colleges: we encourage self-designed activities in addition to the many pre-planned activities.  All Palomar College staff members are invited and encouraged to attend the many activities offered through this office.

If you need an interpreter for any workshop or training session, please contact Denise Vanderstoel at


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