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Library and Information Technology Career, Internship (Co-Op Ed), and Volunteer Information

Career Opportunities

NOTICE: Library and Information Technology students should periodically check the Library and Information Technology webpage; circulated announcements in your classes; and postings on the Library and Information Technology Bulletin Board near LL208 B, for any job announcements.

Library Technicians may work in School Libraries.  School Library technicians teach students to use the library, obtain instructional material and assist students with special assignments.  Contact school district offices for information about available positions.  In California, check out EdJoin or the California School Library Association website for job listings.

Academic Libraries employ many library technicians to assist in organizing and ordering material, handling interlibrary loan requests, circulating materials and more.  Check college joblines to learn about openings.  Click here for the job registry site for all 108 community colleges in California;

Library technicians work in Special Libraries as well.  Museums, zoos, medical centers, research laboratories, law firms, corporations, newspapers, radio and television programs, and government agencies are a few of the organizations that have special libraries.

Public Libraries rely on library technicians to perform activities in all areas of the library.  For the location and websites of local public libraries, click here.


Volunteering and Internship (Co-Op Education) Opportunities for Library and Information Technology Students

There are many volunteer opportunities in libraries for library technology students seeking experience in the field.  Some of these opportunities may be located as follows:

  • Carlsbad City Library, Carlsbad, CA periodically requires volunteer help as a Saturday Stories Volunteer, Circulation Shelf Reader, or Homework Zone Volunteer.  This library has a Volunteer Information Packet with all contact information.
  • San Diego City Libraries have a volunteer website that matches volunteers with individual libraries in that system.
  • The County of San Diego Library system provides information on volunteering on its website.

  • We have the following openings with the City of Oceanside, in the Library Department: Library Technician - Closing Date: 10/24/14 Professional Assistant - Closing Date: 10/17/14 Please visit our website to print the Job Announcements

Units earned for Cooperative Education Internship (CE 150) can be applied to the Elective Group II requirement for a Library and Information Technology AS Degree or Certificate.  Students may also enroll in CE 100 (Cooperative Education Work Experience to meet the same requirement.

  • There are local school and public libraries interested in having Library and Information Technology students serve as Interns, on a volunteer basis.  At times, these positions may be paid.  This work will meet the Cooperative Education Requirement of our Library and Information Technology Certificate Program (minimum 2 units).  Students can choose to enroll in 2 or 3 credits of Co-Op Ed per semester.  Each unit requires 60 hours of volunteer service or 75 hours of paid employment. 
  • If interested in these Internships/Co-Operative Education Opportunities:
    • Contact Tamara Weintraub, Library and Information Technology Internship Instructor, at (760) 744-1150, ext. 2967;
    • Bruce McDonough, Cooperative Education Department, at (760) 744-1150 X2354;
    • Kat Balouch, Cooperative Education Department, at (760) 744-1150 X2354;
    • Attend one of the information sessions for Cooperative Education.  Call (760) 744-1150, ext. 5520 for a schedule of such sessions or call extension 23544 if you have questions. 
    • DEADLINE:  For Cooperative Education will vary by semester.  There are some late starts available.
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 Last Updated 09/29/14