Real Estate Salesperson License Preparation

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A Real Estate Salesperson license is required of individuals who are to be employed as salespersons under the control and supervision of a licensed real estate broker. Minimum Requirements to qualify to take the Real Estate Salesperson examination:

Age – 18 years of age or older.

Residence – Must be a legal resident of California.

Honesty – License applicants must be honest and truthful.

Education – Applicants must provide evidence of successful completion of three courses: Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and one additional elective course listed below. Completion of the Real Estate Salesperson License Preparation Certificate satisfies the California Department of Real Estate-mandated pre-license requirements.

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Certificate Requirements

RE 1003Fall, Spr, SumNone
RE 1153Fall, Spr , SumNone
Electives (select 3-7):
ACCT 2014Fall, Spr, SumNone
BUS 115 or BUS 1173Fall, Spr, SumNone
RE 1053FallNone
RE 1103Fall, SumNone
RE 1203Spring only
Face to face class
RE 1403Fall, SprNone

All online courses may have an in-person orientation;
but online orientation will be available as well.

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