Online Course Modalities

Note: Only Fully Online classes are available in the CVC Course Exchange.

Fully Online

Learning that occurs completely online. All approved instructional contact hours, including online proctored assessments or course orientations, are delivered online. No in-person (face-to-face) assessments or meetings are required. Instructional contact hours for fully online classes can be synchronous, asynchronous, or a combination of both.  

Fully Online- Asynchronous (Online)

Learning in which the instructor and student are separated by time and distance and interact through the use of technology. 

Fully Online- Synchronous (Live Web)

Learning where the instructor and the student meet at the same time and interact through the use of technology.

Partially Online

Partially online classes are mostly taught online using web-based tools. The professor may choose to have an in-person orientation or other in-person meetings or tests.


Learning that occurs in both Face-to-Face and Synchronous Online class formats simultaneously.  Students have the flexibility to choose to attend either in-person or online at a set time and location.