Management Information Systems

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Management Information Systems (MIS) is a series of courses that bind both business and technology to produce quality information for an organization.  MIS professionals focus on the business side of Information Systems (IS).   An MIS professional utilizes computer information systems to facilitate the decision-making of managers.
Key areas of focus in this degree are: Business Communications; Accounting; Economics; Business Law; Statistics; Mathematics; Computer Information Systems; Computer Programming; Systems Analysis and Design; Database Management Systems; Data Communications, and Security.

Degree or Certificate Requirements

To earn an A.S. degree in Management Information Systems, see the course catalog for general education requirements.
CSIT 105 Computer Concepts and Applications3Fall, Spring, SummerNone
CSIT 125 Computer Information Systems3Fall, Spring, SummerCSIT 105
BUS 117 Legal Environment of Business3Fall, SpringNone
BUS 204 Quantitative Business Analysis or4Fall, SpringMATH 56 or 60**
MATH 120 Elementary Statistics or4Fall, Spring, SummerMATH 56 or 60 or MATH 54**
PSYC 205/SOC 205 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences4MATH 56 or 60**
BUS 205 Business Communication3Fall, SpringENG 100
MATH 130* Calculus for Business and the Social Sciences4Fall, Spring, SummerMATH 110 or MATH 126**
ACCT 201 Financial Accounting4Fall, Spring, SummerNone
ACCT 202 Managerial Accounting4Fall, Spring, SummerACCT 101
ECON 101 Principles of Economics (Macro)3Fall, Spring, SummerMATH 56 or 60**
ECON 102 Principles of Economics (Micro)3Fall, Spring, SummerMATH 56 or 60**

Group 1 (Select 1 course)

CSCI 112 Programming Fundamentals I4Fall, Spring, SummerNone
CSIT 145* Introduction to Programming Using Java3None
CSIT 160* Oracle Database Management Systems3None
CSIT 180 C# Programming I3Fall, SpringNone
CSNT 111 Networking Fundamentals3Fall, SpringNone
CSWB 110 Web Site Development with HTML5/CSS33Fall, Spring, SummerNone
*Not offered online at this time.

**or eligibility determined through the math placement process

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