Palomar College Online Education Programs

Online Learning

Many students find that distance education opens the door to a convenient and flexible higher education. Distance education can take many different forms though the majority offered at Palomar are offered online through an online Learning Management System (though we have video/TV as well).  

Online classes require well developed self-discipline and organization. It is important to remember that your online classes require the same amount of time and effort as on-campus classes.  If you work well independently and have solid study skills, online classes offer the opportunity to advance your education at your own pace. Be advised, the degree to which instruction is offered at a distance varies and some classes require in-person orientation, practice, and exams. Some programs may also have one class that must be taken in the face to face format. It is best to choose the option that best meets your needs and will lead to your continued success.

If you have questions about your course please contact your faculty.