American Indian Studies

The Certificate in American Indian Studies provides cultural knowledge and insight recognized by prospective employers such as state, federal, and tribal government agencies. Earning an AIS Certificate affords increased employment opportunities in such fields as archaeology, art, museums, education, social services, and resource management.

The AIS certificate gets you a great jump start to transfer requirements for CSU and UC.

Certificate Requirements

AIS 100 Introduction to American Indian Studies3Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 101 The American Frontier From Colonialism to Present OR3Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 102 The American Indian and the U.S. Political System3Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 105 History of Native American Arts3Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 125 American Indians Today3Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 130/ANTH 130 Prehistoric Cultures of North America3SpringNone

Electives (Complete a minimum of 6 units from at least two categories)

Group 1: Arts

AIS 104 The Music of Native America3FallNone
AIS 135 California Indian Arts3Fall, SpringNone
AIS 145 American Indian Literature3Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 146 American Indian Theatre, Dance and Music3SpringNone

Group 2: History

AIS 110 History of the Plains Indian3Intermittently offeredNone
AIS 115 A History of Southwest Indians3SpringNone
AIS 140/ANTH 140 The Original Californians3Intermittently offeredNone

Group 3: Language*

AIS 107A Elementary Luiseno IA3Fall None
AIS 107B Elementary Luiseno IB3SpringAIS 107A
AIS 108A Elementary Luiseno IIA3FallAIS 107B
AIS 108B Elementary Luiseno IIB3SpringAIS 108A
AIS 151 Elementary Cupeno IA3Intermittently offeredNone
AIS 167A Elementary Cahuilla IIA3Fall AIS 166B
AIS 167B Elementary Cahuilla IIB3SpringAIS 167A
AIS 266A Cahuilla IIIA3Intermittently offeredAIS 167B
AIS 266B Cahuilla IIIB3Intermittently offeredAIS 266A

Group 4: Social and Behavioral Sciences

AIS 150 American Indian Philosophy and Religion3FallNone
AIS 165 Native Women in the Americas3SpringNone
*Classes may be used as the two electives (but 4 are required for language credit in High School Districts- see your High School counselor for more details if applicable)

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