Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development is a series of courses that bind both Website Design and Website Programming to produce quality information for an organization.  Web professionals that do both design and programming are generally employed in small-to-midsize businesses that need their employees to have a wide range of skills to implement a businesses Web presence.

Key areas of focus in this degree are: Web Page Design and Layout; Web Graphics; Design of Applications for Mobile Devices; Web Accessibility; HTML; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); JavaScript/jQuery; Ajax, Social Media and server-side development languages, such as PHP or ASP.

Degree or Certificate Requirements

To earn an A.S. degree in Web Design and Development, see the course catalog for general education requirements.
BUS 152 Social Media for Business3FallNone
CSWB 110 Web Site Development with HTML5/CSS33Fall, Spring, SummerNone
CSWB 120 JavaScript and jQuery3Fall, SummerCSWB 110
CSWB 135 Advanced JavaScript and Mobile Apps3SpringCSWB 120
CSWB 150 PHP with MySQL3SpringNone
GCMW 102 Web Page Layout I3Fall, SpringNone
GCMW 202 Web Page Layout II3SpringGCMW 102
GCMW 232 Web Accessibility Design1Contact DepartmentNone
GCMW 154 Preparing Web Graphics1Contact DepartmentNone
BUS 155 Marketing3Fall, SpringNone
GCMW 115 Web Page Layout/Word Press2Fall, Spring, SummerNone