General Business

The Associate in Science degree in General Business provides a solid overview of business fundamentals and can prepare students for entry-level work in various industries. Students choose an emphasis area allowing them to tailor this degree to their individual interests. Once completed, students will have the problem solving, communication, and creative skills needed to thrive in the business world.

BUS 100 Introduction to Business3Fall, Spring, SummerNone
ACCT 101 Bookkeeping OR3Fall, SpringNone
ACCT 201 Financial Accounting4Fall, Spring, SummerNone
BUS 125 Business English OR3Fall, SpringNone
BUS 205 Business Communication3Fall, Spring, SummerENG 100
CSIT 105 Computer Concepts and Applications OR3Fall, Spring, SummerNone
CSIT 120 Computer Applications3Intermittently offeredNone
BUS 110 Business Mathematics3Fall, SpringNone
BUS 117 Legal Environment of Business3Fall, Spring, SummerNone
BUS 173 Contemporary Job Search Techniques1FallNone

Choose An Emphasis Area

Advertising, Marketing, and Media Emphasis

BUS 155 Marketing3Fall, SpringNone
BUS 152 Social Media for Business3FallNone
BUS 150 Advertising3SpringNone
BUS 157 E-Commerce OR3FallRecommended Preparation: BUS 190
BUS 145/FASH 125 Retailing/Promotion*3SpringNone

Business Management Emphasis

BMGT 101 Introduction to Management3FallNone
BUS 138 Business Ethics2SpringNone
BUS 175 Excel Basic OR1Fall, SpringRecommended Preparation: BUS 110
BUS 176 Excel Intermediate OR1Fall, SpringRecommended Preparation: BUS 175 or Equivalent
BUS 177 Excel Advanced1SummerRecommended Preparation: BUS 176 or Equivalent
BMGT 115 Organizational Theory and Design3SpringNone
BMGT 130 Management/Leadership Issues*3Fall, SpringNone

International Business Emphasis

BUS 100 Introduction to International Business and Management3SpringNone
BUS 130 Principles of Supply Chain Management3FallNone
BUS 129 Principles of Logistics3FallNone
IBUS 120 Essentials of Import/Export Procedures3SpringNone

Small Business Entrepreneurship Emphasis

BMGT 153 Small Business Entrepreneurship3Fall, SpringNone
BUS 152 Social Media for Business OR3FallNone
BUS 155 Marketing3Fall, SpringNone
ACCT 110 Quickbooks2Fall, Spring, SummerACCT 101 or ACCT 201
CE 100 Cooperative Education*0.5 - 4Fall, Spring, SummerNone
*Not currently offered online

All online courses may have an in-person orientation, but online orientation will be available as well.

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