EJA Library’s Fifth Anniversary

Ernest J.Allen Library
5th Anniversary

Mooooove  on in and join the fun!

Jane Johnson is the Amoosador; Dan Arnsan is the EJA Librarian

Special Guests
Amoosador Jane, Bonnie Corzine, Katherine Gannett, Dan Arnsan, George Mozes

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Special cakes!

Amoosador showing off decorations.

Cute cow.

The Amoosador displaying the scrapbook.

Won’t you have some refreshments?

Party guests: Jose, Paulette, Jimmy, Theo, Norma, Glynda, Al, Shirley, Dean, Byung

George Mozes, Library Director,  speaking to guests.

Dan Arnsan, Librarian.

Katherine Gannett, Manager.

George, Norma, Dan

Leone, Al, Dean, Theo

Jane and Glenna

Dan, Meredith, Mary R. Jimmy, Mihail

Carolyn toasting the event.