Need help finding a specific journal or magazine? Here’s how!

Is there a journal or magazine you are interested in reading? Here’s how to see if we have it here at the Palomar College Library.

  • Use the List of Periodicals to see if we have the journal in print or in a database. You can search the list by title or ISSN, browse the alphabetical list of titles or browse by subject area. This will show the date range the library has and if it is available in print or in an online database.

If you are interested in a periodical we only have in print (especially if you don’t where or if it is indexed online) GoogleScholar is a handy tool. You can use the Advanced Search options to search articles by a specific author, or for topics within a specific periodical. You will not have online full-text access, but you can use the citation information to find the articles in the print collection.

If you have any questions about Palomar Library’s periodicals holdings, stop by the reference desk or use the Ask Us Now service to chat online with a librarian. For more information:

Need help finding a specific article? Here’s how!

Did you find a great article? Are you having a hard time finding it in the library? Here are some ways to see if the Palomar College Library has full-text access.

First, find as much information about the article as possible. Make a note of the article title, the article author, the journal or magazine title, the date or volume/issue number, pages etc. The more information you have, the easier it will be to find the article. It will also make it easier to cite late on.

If you do not have all the citation information, try using Google Scholar to find the missing information. (In some cases, Google Scholar might link directly to Palomar databases. See Scholar Preferences for more information ).

Once you have the full information there are two ways to look for the article:

  • Use the List of Periodicals to see where we have full text- in print or electronically in a database. Use the title of the journal or magazine when searching this list. Use date or volume information to find the article in print or in a database
  • OR use the Periodicals Citation Linker. Enter all the citation information you have (you must include a periodical title or ISSN) and click “Look Up.”

If you have any questions, please speak to librarian at the reference desk or use the Ask Us Now service to chat with one online,