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Part Time Faculty Office Hours

Commencing January 29, 2018. Instructional part-time faculty members (credit and non-credit courses) will be compensated for office hours earned in Fall and Spring semester only, according to the following criteria:
a) Four (4) office hours per semester for faculty members teaching three (3) or fewer units/non-credit hours.
b) Seven (7) office hours per semester for faculty members teaching four to six (4-6) units/non-credit hours.
c) Ten (10) office hours per semester for faculty members teaching seven to nine (7-9) units/non-credit hours.
d) Office hours shall be compensated at fifty-five dollars ($55.00) per hour.
e) Participating part-time faculty shall provide written certification of office hours served on the appropriate District form (below).
f) Part-time faculty participation is voluntary.

Spring 2022 Semester Deadlines


Here are the deadlines for spring semester office hours:

Department – 4/15/22
H/R  – 4/29/22
Payroll  – 5/9/22 paid on 5/20/22

Deadlines for 2nd reporting period:

PT Faculty Submission Deadline: 5/26/22
Department/Division Review: 5/27/22-6/3/222
Payroll: 6/6/22 to be paid on 6/20/2022

Part-Time Office Hours Form

To be paid, please complete the form below. Submit only one per semester up to the maximum hours as indicated above. We will use the most recent submission if you need to make a correction.

  • Enter as nine digits (009999999) numbers only
  • You can select more than one department by pressing the "control or command key" while selecting
  • If assigned to more than one Division please pick the primary Division.
  • Enter the office hours as listed in your course syllabi. Add additional courses (rows) by clicking on the "+" sign.
    Course # (ex: Math 60)Class # (ex: 71050)Units (ex: 4)Day(s) of the WeekStart TimeEnd TimeTotal Office Hours (per course this term) 

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