Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule

General Information

Viewing Awards

Students can view awards online by selecting the “View Awards” link on their Student Center page. Student's official Award Notifications are emailed to Palomar College addresses only. Students should check their email regularly.

Awards and Adjustments

Award & enrollment reports are reviewed 10 days prior to each disbursement date. Awards will be adjusted on enrollment at the time of the review for the initial disbursement of the semester. Note: A student’s “payable” enrollment status may vary from actual enrollment due to appeal conditions and other eligibility issues.

“Freeze” Dates – Fall 2023: September 5th –  Spring 2024: February 13th - Summer 2024 TBA

The last day for all federal financial aid applicants who have been awarded to finalize class schedule activities for the semester. This applies to all registration, adds and drops for all types of classes: TV, on-line, semester length, short-term, late-start, accelerated, self-paced, etc. This freeze date determines each semester’s total award amount.

Summer Information 

Summer is considered a trailer semester for Federal Financial Aid (Pell Grants, Loans, FSEOG etc).  This means we will use your 2023/2024 FAFSA results to determine your eligibility for Summer 2024.  Conversely, for the California College Promise Grant (CCPG), we will need your 2024/2025 FAFSA or Dream Act application to determine your eligibility for CCPG in Summer 2024.

Late-Start Classes

Award disbursements for these courses may be delayed until actual enrollment status can be determined.

Release of Checks 

Checks are mailed to the address on file with the Admissions Office. Approved “Pick Up” requests (one per year) are held at Cashiers and will be released to the student on the next work day after the disbursement date with proper photo identification.

Address Changes

Must be submitted at least 5 working days prior to the expected disbursement date.

Students Right and Responsibilities  

Please see this important information regarding Students Rights and Responsibilities