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Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule

General Information

Viewing Awards
Students can view awards online by selecting the “View Awards” link on their Student Center page. Students official
Award Notifications are emailed to Palomar College addresses only. Students should check their email regularly.
Awards and Adjustments
Award & enrollment reports are reviewed 10 days prior to each disbursement date. Awards will be adjusted on
enrollment at the time of the review for the initial disbursement of the semester. Note: A student’s “payable”
enrollment status may vary from actual enrollment due to appeal conditions and other eligibility issues.
“Freeze” DatesFall 2021: September 7th –  Spring 2022 :February 14th
The last day for all federal financial aid applicants who have been awarded to finalize class schedule activities for the
semester. This applies to all registration, adds and drops for all types of classes: TV, on-line, semester length, shortterm, late-start, accelerated, self-paced, etc. This freeze date determines each semester’s total award amount.
Late-Start Classes
Award disbursements for these courses may be delayed until actual enrollment status can be determined.
Release of Checks 
Checks are mailed to the address on file with the Admissions Office. Approved “Pick Up” requests (one per year) are
held at Cashiers and will be released to the student on the next work day after the disbursement date with proper
photo identification.
Address Changes
Must be submitted at least 5 working days prior to the expected disbursement date.

California College Promise Grant (CCPG)

The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) waives enrollment fees only. Students can confirm award approval
online through Palomar College MyPalomar account. CCPG is not awarded retroactively after the semester ends.
Enrollment fees paid by the student are refunded after the refund deadline if a CCPG is approved during the semester.

COVID-19 Relief Grants (HEERF Funding)

Covid 19 Relief Grants are funded through a variety of Federal and State Covid 19 related resources. These relief grants are to assist eligible students with costs associated with attending college courses during remote operations and return to campus transitions. Whether you need help with books, enrollment fees, food and or other costs we encourage you to apply now! Awards will be prioritized for students with exceptional need, and funding will be allocated until exhausted.
COVID-19 Relief Grant (HEERF)
February 25 (F)
March 11 (F)
March 25 (F)
April 8 (F)
April 22 (F)
Disbursements will occur every other week until funds are exhausted

Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant award percentage (30% or 100%) disbursement occurs when the award eligibility has been
determined. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) must be met prior to releasing any funds. Disbursement may be
delayed if grades from the prior semester have not been posted and reviewed. Note: FW, EW, & W are not payable for retroactive Federal Pell Grant awards. New for 2021/2022 – Federal Pell Grant Disbursements will be paid in increments of 30% & 100% (2 checks per semester, or see chart below). The date of your disbursement is determined by the completion of your Financial Aid file.
Spring 2022
If your file has been awarded by:1st 30% of Federal Pell Award Mailed:Remaining 70% (100% of total Federal Pell Award) Mailed:
January 4, 2022 - Intersession ONLY classesJanuary 14 (F)February 4 (F)
January 25, 2022 - class start 1/31/22February 4 (F)April 8 (F)
February 8, 2022 February 17 (TH)April 8 (F)
March 1, 2022March 11 (F)April 8 (F)
March 25, 2022 and 2nd 8 week classes ONLY (start date 4/4/22)N/AApril 8 (F)
April 26, 2022N/AMay 6 (F)
May 17, 2022N/AMay 27 (F)


Scholarships are disbursed weekly and contingent upon receipt of funds from the donor. Review the 2021-2022
Scholarship Disbursement process posted on the Palomar College Financial Aid website.

William D Ford Federal Direct Loan (Subsidized & Unsubsidized)

Disbursements are made on the next available cycle once all requirements are met. This includes the loan request form,
eMPN, entrance and exit loan counseling (as appropriate). Fall/Spring loans are disbursed once per semester (i.e., 50%
of total loan amount) while single semester (Fall only or Spring only) require two disbursements. Students must be enrolled by the “Freeze Date:” and maintain minimum ½-time enrollment (6 units). Note:
FW& W are not considered in the 6 units
Spring 2022
Mail Date:
March 4 (F)
April 22 (F)
May 27 (F)

Federal FSEOG

FSEOG is scheduled for one disbursement per semester. Students must maintain a minimum ½-time enrollment (6
units). Funds are limited – Note: FW & W are not considered in the 6 units.
Spring 2022
FSEOG Mail Date:
April 22 (F) - or-
May 20 (F)

CalGrants -and- SSCG (Student Success Completion Grant)

Students must meet Student Aid Commission and Palomar College Financial Aid Office eligibility requirements prior to
disbursement. The Cal Grant award is scheduled for one 100% disbursement per semester. Students must enroll at
least ½-time (6 units).  Awards are prorated for half-time (6 – 8.5 units) and ¾-time (9 – 11.5 units) enrollment. SSC Grant is for Cal Grant students who are enrolled full time (12 or more units). Funds are limited for SSCG.
Spring 2022
CalGrant Mail Out:
March 4 (F) -or-
April 15 (F) -or-
May 13 (F)
Spring 2022
SSCG Mail Out:
March 4 (F) -or-
April 15 (F) -or-
May 13 (F)

Federal Work Study

FWS funds are earned through work. Supervisors must submit time sheets to the Financial Aid Office by the 16th of
each month. Checks are mailed on the last business day of each month, provided the time sheet was submitted on time.
Arrangements for Direct Deposit can be made through the Payroll Office.
Last modified on March 2, 2022
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