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Who was Ernest J. Allen?Ernest J. Allen

The library will be closed Feb.13-16, for the President's Day holidays. The library will be open Thursday, Feb. 12 from 8am-4pm.

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Visit the library or use the Textbooks Search to see if we have a copy of your course textbook on Reserve. Students may borrow and use textbooks for up to two hours in the library. View this short video for help with searching reserve items in WorldCat, our new catalog.

Added 8-18-2014

Library Display
For all the students hunched over their textbooks furiously solving problems for that next math class, this display attempts to answer the question, "What is this leading to?" From at least the time of Pythagoras, mathematicians have attempted to explain our world and our place in the cosmos through measurements and formulas. Eventually the science of physics was born, which relies heavily on mathematics.
There were many, many brilliant participants in this endeavor between Pythagoras and the 21st Century, and narrowing down the contributors to a mere five was difficult. Without their work we would not have automobiles, space travel, refrigeration, GPS or a myriad of other things we take for granted today.
The display was created by Mary Kira.

Added 10-15-2014

WorldCat,the library's new catalog has many new features, such as the ability to search either the Palomar Library collection or libraries worldwide. WorldCat also lets you search for articles and DVDs, in addition to books. The new catalog is more interactive -- you can create and share lists, and request items from other libraries. Ask a librarian for help using these and other new features,

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