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Ernest J. Allen
 Who was Ernest J. Allen?

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Added 8-12-13

Nadine Gordimer 1923-2014

Nadine Gordimer, a South African writer and activist, passed away July 13 at age 90. Gordimer was famous for her portrayals of South Africa during the apartheid era. In 1991 she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for her writing, which included ten novels and nearly twenty collections of stories or essays. A fierce opponent of apartheid, Gordimer was a member Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress party, which was banned before the overthrow of white minority rule in the early 1990s. Several of her works, such as July’s People, were banned by the apartheid regime. To view a list of Gordimer's works in the library’s collection, click here.

Nadine Gordimer
  Added 4-8-14

Banner for Display on Fonts

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The Right Font for the Job, EJA’s new display on typography, covers a few of the high points in the progression of typeface design and usage since the printing of the first book with movable metal type.

Typeface design has a nearly 600 year old history going back to Johannes Guttenberg’s famous bible ca. 1450. Over the centuries, typefaces have evolved as their uses have grown from printing books and newspapers to advertising, signage for fast moving vehicles, do-it-yourself desktop publishing and the current explosion of digital devices.
The display was created by Mary Kira.
Collage of different typefaces
Added 3-11-2014


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