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Martin Luther King's birthday, a National Holiday since 1986.

The bill establishing a federal holiday commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday (MLK Day) was signed into law in 1983. The first federal observance of MLK Day took place on January 20, 1986. Eight years later the law was expanded, becoming the King Holiday and Service Act of 1994 to make the holiday " ... a day [dedicated to] ... community service, interracial cooperation and youth anti-violence initiatives." By 2000 all 50 states had established a state holiday to celebrate Dr. King's legacy. (cf. Making of the King Holiday at the King Center website.)

The release of the motion picture Selma, chronicling the work of civil rights activists, including Dr. King, has brought considerable attention to the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Here is a list of Palomar resources exploring Dr. King's role in the Selma marches and the 'end' of restrictive voter registration policies. To learn more about President Lyndon B. Johnson's Civil Rights legacy watch LBJ a video from our new database PBS Video Collection.

Added 1-14-2015

The Graphic Communications Department Display at the Library.

Make sure to stop by the library for the final days of  the Graphic Communications Department's display featuring prints and posters from students in various GCIP courses.

Graphic Com Dept. Display

Added 1-20-2015

The Ambrose Digital Collection includes A History of Civil Rights in America.

The 8 part series A History of Civil Rights in America covers events from 1774-2010. It is available through our subscription to Ambrose videos. The link to the collection appears on the Media  section of our Databases page.

Program 6 of the series discusses " ... monumental pieces of legislation, ending discrimination in the workplace, the voting booth and in representation in Congress ..." and includes the 2 minute segment Voting Rights Act Is Passed. To read the text of the legislation, follow this link.

Added 1-13-2015

Spring 2015 at the Library!

The library welcomes all students, staff and community members to the start of our Spring 2015 semester. We continue to offer access to textbooks (many through the Palomar President's Associates program), reference assistance for your research needs and learning resources  in multiple formats (print, media, digital, etc.).

What's new? - Brand new public use computers and monitors! A required sign-on policy maximizing access for student learners! [Click here to read about the policy.] The building entrance display about  Georges Méliès, a French film director who pioneered the use of special effects and the genres of science fiction and horror in cinema. Learn more about Méliès by studying the display or using a book, DVD or reference article (cf. this list) to learn about his work and its influence on film.

Georges Méliès Display

Added 1-12-2015

Dashboard - Lessons on Avoiding Plagiarism, Citing Sources and More! !

Dashboard consists of interactive, online lessons designed to help students develop their information literacy skills. The lessons address plagiarism, incorporating outside sources into one’s own work, and the concepts and mechanics of citing sources using MLA and APA documentation styles.

World Book Academic Image

 Some instructors will be using the tool within their classes but students are free to independently work with the 3 modules currently available to enhance their skills.

Added 8-18-2014

New Library Catalog -- WorldCat Local

The library introduced a new public catalog, WorldCat Local (WCL), in January 2014.

The most exciting thing about the catalog is that it allows you to search our physical and virtual collections at the same time. From the Everything tab on the searchbox at the top of the page type keywords, click Go and your list of results will include everything from books or DVDs we own to articles from library subscribed databases. Stop by the Reference Desk if you need help or want to learn more about using WCL.

Some catalog options especially helpful  for researchers are: the ability to link to the catalog record for a resource (Permalink), a save search button and export of bibliographic information to EasyBib for citation use. You can even use the My library account tool to view a list of library items you've checked out, titles you've requested and any payments made/owed. Click here to learn how to sign in to My library account.

WorldCat Library Catalog
Added 8-18-2014