Welcome to Palomar College Faculty Tenure and Evaluations

Palomar College’s Faculty Tenure and Evaluations are led by a tenured faculty member who serves as the Coordinator of the Tenure and Evaluations Review Board (TERB), is supported by the TERB committee members (9 faculty members and the VPI), and is assisted by the TERB Office assistant (staff member).

The TERB Coordinator, TERB committee members, and TERB assistant are all committed to providing a faculty evaluation process that is robust and supports excellence in teaching and learning.

TERB policies are outlines in Article 17 of the PFF Contract

General Overview of the Steps to Completing Faculty Evaluations

Step 1: Prepare for Evaluation

  • If you are due for an evaluation you will be notified by the TERB Office and/or your Department Chair.
  • The TERB Office provides a spreadsheet to the Department Chairs during the first week of the semester.
    • Department Chairs provide information to the TERB Office about who the Evaluator(s) are and which courses are chosen for evaluation.
  • Evaluees and Evaluators should prepare for evaluations by reviewing the evaluation process information for the type of evaluation being conducted.
  • Evaluees and Evaluators should review the Evaluations Calendars to see the important dates for evaluations, such as when student evals are launched, when student eval reports are sent to evaluators, and when the final reports are due.
  • Evaluators and the Evaluees should meet before conducting the evaluation to ensure each person understands the process and to mutually agree upon a date/time to conduct the observation(s).

Step 2: Conduct Evaluation

  • The type of evaluation determines the number of observations, the number of student evaluations, and whether a self-reflection, submission of your professional development transcript, or a letter from your Department Chair is required.
  • All evaluations (PT, Peer, Probationary) Include:
    • Class Observation(s): The class observation form asks the Evaluee to provide the Evaluator with specific areas to focus on, the Evaluee should provide the information prior to the observation. After the completion of the observation, the Evaluee and the Evaluator meet to review the observation.
    • Student Evaluations: The TERB Office launches the students evaluations. Both students and faculty receive email notifications when the student evaluations have launched. Evaluations are launched between 40-80% of the course length. Once complete, the TERB Office sends the student evaluation report to the Evaluators.
  • Peer and Probationary also Include:
    • Self-Reflection: If required, Evaluees submit self-reflection to Evaluators.
    • Professional Development transcript: If required, Evaluees submit PD transcript to Evaluators.
  • Probationary also includes:
    • Chair Letter: If required, the Evaluators will request the letter from the Department Chair.

Step 3: Complete Evaluation

  • The Evaluators write the final evaluation report. The report will includes information obtained from the observation, student evals, and if required the self-reflection, professional development transcript, and chair letter.
    • Note: the PT Evaluation Report includes a Department Chair form
  • The Evaluator(s) meet with the Evaluee to review the Evaluation Report.
    • The Evaluator(s)/Evaluee meeting typically occurrs sfter semester grades are submitted, however it can occur before grades if direct student comments are not included in the report.
  • The final evaluation report is submitted to the TERB Office using the online the submission forms.
  • The TERB Office reviews the reports for completeness and routes for digital signatures.
    • Please submit the report UNSIGNED. The TERB office will route for all signatures.
  • If a final evaluation report has a rating of Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory, the Evaluator(s) and Evaluee, along with the TERB Committee, develop an Improvement Plan for the faculty member. A faculty member with an Improvement Plan is re-evaluated in the following semester(s).
  • The Final signed report is filed in the evaluee’s official personnel file in Human Resources.