Educators for Equity, Diversity, and Cultural Consciousness (EEDCC)

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The EEDCC (formerly known as DEqCC) committee was formed by the Faculty Senate in fall of 2020 in order to create a faculty group on campus that would both initiate and support various Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) activities on campus, the overall progress of which can be found on the Palomar College DEI Page. The membership of the EEDCC consists of a Co-Chair elected from the Faculty Senate body, eight additional at-large faculty members, and a Co-Chair elected from within the committee from those eight at-large members.

Current Membership

Sabrina Menchaca (DRC Counseling)
Michael Mufson (Performing Arts)

Gary Castañeda (EHPS Econiomics, History, Political Science)
Henry Cen (Biology)
Katy Farrell (Library)
Amanda Fierro (English)
Alyssa Vafaei (DRC)

Core Values

As activists to the Faculty Senate, this subcommittee will disrupt the status quo by dismantling and eradicating inequities. We challenge others to be uncomfortable and do the transgressive work towards the shared goal of infusing equity and antiracism throughout our college. We will rebuild, critically question, challenge, engage, reexamine equitable praxis, and validate the cultural agency of the entire Palomar College Community with particular attention towards serving students.


  • Offer and sustain cultural conscious training programs, workshops, and activities.
  • Advise faculty on matters of diversity, equity, and cultural consciousness.
  • Identify and develop opportunities for further implementation and integration of diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural consciousness in the classroom, curriculum, and hiring.
  • Consult with TERB on matters of faculty evaluation related to cultural consciousness.
  • Report to the Faculty Senate and Superintendent/President on primacy issues pertaining to diversity, equity, and cultural consciousness.

EEDCC Response to  the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Educators for Equity, Diversity, and Cultural Consciousness Subcommittee (EEDCC) is disturbed and saddened by the current violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  As a committee, we call for an end to violence against innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians.  The Committee understands and sympathizes with the complexity of the issues involved and calls for people of goodwill to find peaceful resolutions to the conflict.  

As part of our mission to “infuse equity and anti-racism throughout our college,” the Committee believes that one can legitimately criticize Israeli policies towards Palestinians without ascribing to anti-Semitic ideology.  Individuals can also condemn the violence of Hamas and other organizations without similarly ascribing to anti-Muslim or anti-Arab ideologies.  The Committee asks that everyone remember innocent civilians are being harmed as we speak and whatever our differences, we all still share a common humanity