Academic Integrity Taskforce

In February 2023, the Faculty Senate created the Academic Integrity Taskforce and provided the following directions:

The Academic Integrity Taskforce will:

  • Promote and publicize a college-wide commitment to academic integrity as a foundational virtue of the Palomar community.  
  • Review, revise, develop, and recommend a consistent academic integrity policy across the college.  
  • Advocate for dedicated funding for departments to combat cheating/plagiarism and support students and faculty through workshops and trainings.  
  • Examine the viability for institutional reporting of academic integrity violations to the campus community and explore possible administrative consequences for academic violations.  
  • Develop appropriate training and professional development in collaboration with other district groups as appropriate.  

The Senate made Professor Erin Hiro chair and gave her the following tasks for the remainder of the Spring semester. Here is the list of agendas and minutes.

Actionable items: 

  • Final Taskforce membership list. Complete.
  • Organize Taskforce meetings for spring 2023.  Complete.
  • Work with the Taskforce to develop goals based on the Taskforce roles.   Complete.
  • Review and consider college policies around academic integrity.  Complete.
  • Work with EESSC committee on AP 5500 and AP 5520.   Complete. We will spend the next fiscal year developing a new policy on academic technology.
  • Provide reports to Senate.  Complete. See Senate minutes.
  • Review practices from other colleges and organize an action plan for the 2023-2024 academic year.    Complete.

For more information, contact Taskforce chair Erin Hiro at