Personal FSA

Apply for an Additional Personal FSA

All full-time employees are automatically assigned a personal FSA when they are hired. Full-time employees may apply to receive additional personal FSA(s).

Step One: 

To see if you qualify for an additional personal FSA, check the current approved discipline FSAs. Read both the state minimum qualifications and any additional qualifications made by the department at Palomar. 

If you do not see a discipline FSA, please contact the FSA Chair Jason Jarvinen,

Step Two:

If you qualify for an additional FSA, complete the application for personal FSA.

Tips for a Successful Personal FSA Application:

  • Review and understand the minimum qualifications for the discipline as outlined by the state AND any additional competencies listed by the department in the discipline FSA. 
  • Provide evidence that you meet both the minimum qualifications and the additional competencies.
    • Provide needed documentation; for example, transcripts.
    • Provide detailed information on courses you’ve taught (if necessary), including course names, dates, and institutions. 

Step Three:

Submit your completed personal FSA application to Human Resource Services,

What happens next?

  1. HR will review your request for minimum qualifications.
  2. If you do not meet the minimum qualifications, HR will notify you to complete the equivalency documentation.
  3. If you meet the minimum qualifications, your application will be brought to the FSA Committee for review.
  4. The FSA committee will make a determination on whether your application meets the discipline FSA competencies. 
  5. HR will notify the applicant of the outcome.