Committee on Committees

Note: Faculty appointments to the Governance Councils are divided between the Faculty Senate and the Palomar Faculty Federation. These divisions are outlined in the document, “Joint Senate PFF Faculty Appointments.”

Committee on Committees Guidelines

Soliciting Volunteers

  1. The terms of committee assignments will be determined by the Committee on Committees prior to soliciting volunteers for committees:
    1. the terms will be staggered to provide continuity ─ ideally no more than half the membership will be up for appointment/reappointment each year;
    2. the terms will be for 2 years unless otherwise dictated by our Constitution;
    3. faculty may reapply for membership when their term is up, but reappointment is not automatic.
  2. The Committee will send (via email) to all faculty, a description of the process by which committee appointments are made by the Senate. This description will include:
    1. a list of committee members and their divisions/terms,
    2. a description of committee functions/times they meet (if known),
    3. a list of committee openings by division,
    4. a list of committee openings at large,
    5. a reminder that if more than one faculty member has volunteered for a particular committee assignment, the Senate will hold an election. (The Committee will give the date of the election.)
  3. The Committee will solicit faculty volunteers for committee appointments. The names of all faculty who are eligible for appointment to any committee will be brought to the Senate. Faculty who are ineligible will be notified promptly.
  4. Volunteers will be encouraged but not required to provide a short statement of interest as well as their availability to attend meetings.
  5. The Committee will allow 7 academic days for faculty to volunteer (via email only) to the Committee on Committees’ email address and will bring to the next Faculty Senate meeting the names of volunteers for confirmation or election. On the 8th academic day the Committee will email the members of any division that does not have volunteers for specific committee openings, soliciting volunteers again and alerting the division that on Day 11 if there are still no volunteers from the given division the search for a volunteer will widen to include all faculty members.
  6. On Day 11 the Committee on Committees will solicit volunteers for any unfilled committee openings from the entire faculty. Volunteers must respond by Day 14.

Preparing the Ballot and the Rules

7)   In preparing the ballot for the Senate, the Committee will identify each volunteer by division:

  1. a) the Committee will provide a list of probationary faculty to the Senate;
  2. b) the election of committee members for assignments that are designated as “divisional representation” will be done by division—that is, the top vote getter from each division will be appointed by the Senate;
  3. c) for the election of committee members for assignments that are designated as “at large,” the top vote-getter overall will be appointed by the Senate;
  4. d) for divisional appointments for which there are no divisional volunteers, the Senate will appoint the top vote-getter overall as an “at large” representative.
  • If there are multiple appointments with differing terms for the same committee, the volunteers must specify which term they are volunteering for. The volunteers may make themselves available for both longer or shorter terms.
  • The Senate will appoint members to achieve divisional diversity whenever possible.

Confirming and Voting

  • The Committee will provide the Senate with a list of volunteers for committees for which the number of volunteers does not exceed the number of positions available and ask the Senate to confirm these committee members.
  • The Committee will provide the Senate with a ballot when the number of volunteers exceeds the number of positions available and ask the Senate to confirm the results of the vote.
  • To be elected, a volunteer must receive a vote from a majority of senators present and voting.
  • In the event no volunteer for a position receives a majority, the run-off will be limited to the top two volunteers with the largest number of votes, including all ties.

Maintaining Full Faculty Representation

  • The Committee will post the list of committee memberships on the Senate web page each semester.
  • If a vacancy occurs on a committee, the Committee on Committees will solicit faculty volunteers to fill this vacancy.


1)   If a committee member misses more than one third of the scheduled meetings, the member will lose the position on that committee (and may also lose service points).

2)   If a committee does not have an official position for a faculty member, but the president wants a faculty member to serve on that committee, the Senate will appoint that faculty member through its regular appointment process.