About Faculty Service Areas (FSA)

The Faculty Service Area (FSA) Review Committee is composed of an administrator with FSA responsibilities, seven Tenured or Probationary Faculty members (one from each of the five Instructional divisions, Library, and Student Services) appointed by the Faculty Senate, and one Faculty member appointed by the Palomar Faculty Federation (PFF). Every three years the committee reviews the discipline faculty service areas and competencies for completeness and currency; further, the committee reviews individual applications for additional personal faculty service areas and issues of competence relating to reassignment.

Personal FSAs provide one element for determining faculty seniority and order of layoff when a reduction-in-force is being effected under the Education Code.

What is an FSA?

A Faculty Service Area (FSA) is a service and/or instructional subject area performed by full-time faculty and established by a community college district. There are two types of FSAs; discipline and personal.

Discipline FSA

Discipline FSAs must consist of the approved minimum qualifications for a discipline as established by the Board of Governors. They may also contain additional competency standards, developed by appropriate discipline faculty. (See also BP 7211 and AP 7211.)

Personal FSA

A personal FSA is automatically assigned to each full-time faculty at the time of hire. If the discipline’s FSA changes over time, faculty hired under that discipline FSA are still qualified. After initial employment, full time faculty may apply to add personal FSAs for which they qualify.  Faculty must meet the current minimum qualifications for the discipline (or undergo equivalency) and the additional approved competencies located on the discipline FSA (see current approved FSAs).

Approved Discipline FSAs

Agendas and Minutes

Archived Faculty Service Area Committee minutes  

Archived FSAs no longer active:



Discipline FSA Form

Individual (Personal) FSA Form

Minimum Qualifications Handbook

BP 7211 – Faculty Service Areas and Competencies

AP 7211 – Faculty Service Areas, Minimum Qualifications, and Equivalencies

For more information, contact FSA Chair Jason Jarvinen at jjarvinen@palomar.edu.