Discipline FSA

Chairs and discipline experts – please review your discipline Faculty Service Areas (FSAs).

Step 1: Go to the Discipline FSA Renewal Survey. Select your discipline up for renewal from the drop-down list.

Step 2: Discipline Minimum Qualifications:
Locate and review the minimum qualifications of your discipline in the state Minimum Qualification Handbook.

Step 3: Discipline FSA:
Locate and review your discipline FSA on file. Consider whether your discipline FSA needs any changes, such as:

  • Add or remove teaching or educational requirements beyond the state requirements (state requirements cannot be modified or deleted)
  • Review “AND” and “OR” words in your FSA which can change the requirements for candidates.
  • Discuss with colleagues in your discipline to get additional feedback.

If no changes are needed, please indicate that on the Discipline FSA Review Survey and submit it. You’re all finished.

If changes are needed, indicate that on the Discipline FSA Review Survey. Then complete the FSA Update Form and email it to Jason Jarvinen, FSA Committee Chair, at jjarvinen@palomar.edu. The FSA Committee will review your proposed updates at an upcoming meeting. Meetings are open to all and are on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 1 pm – see BoardDocs for the agenda and Zoom meeting link.

Thank you very much.

Questions? Email the FSA Chair, Jason Jarvinen, jjarvinen@palomar.edu