Discipline FSA

Department Chairs and discipline experts – follow these steps to review and/or revise your Discipline Faculty Service Area. 

Step One:

Determine state requirements for your discipline. Reference your department and associated discipline FSA referenced in the attached spreadsheet and locate the discipline minimum qualifications in the Minimum Qualifications Handbook. Keep these qualifications nearby.

Step Two:

Complete the Discipline FSA form.  You may reference current discipline FSAs as an example in creating your discipline FSA.

Step Three:

Copy and paste the state minimum qualifications for the discipline.

Step Four:

Strengthen the FSA to ensure instructors approved for your discipline’s FSA are highly qualified. You may want to:

  • Add teaching or educational requirements beyond the state requirements. 
  • Modify or delete existing additional requirements (state requirements cannot be modified or deleted).
  • Review AND and OR words in your FSA which can change the requirements of a candidate. 
  • Discuss with colleagues in your discipline. Ask them to review and edit the FSA Form. 

Step Five:

Submit your FSA form to Chair Jason Jarvinen at jjarvinen@palomar.edu