AB212 CARES Program

AB212 CARES Program Website

AB212 CARES (Comprehensive Approaches to Raising Educational Standards) provides stipends and other benefits to participants who continue their education and remain working at the same child care program.  The goal of AB212 CARES is to increase the quality of child care programs and child care provider retention in San Diego County. 

DO YOU… Work in a CDE/CDD funded center or provide care for a CCD funded FCC Network?  Work at least 15 hours per week with children 0-12 years old? YOU CAN EARN UP TO $4,900 IF YOU…
*  Continue working at the same child care program for 9 more months
*  Complete college units towards your degree (CARES approved major)
AB212 Cares
Cares is the same as last year:
♦  Only for CDE/CDD funded center staff and family child care providers who provide care for a CDD funded FCC network.
♦  Participants can enter CARES the day they begin working for a CDE/CDD funded center or provide care for the CDD funded FCC network.
♦  To earn a stipend, participants must work in an approved center or FCC network for nine months after application or last stipend payment.
♦  Participants must complete 3 – 12 units of college child development (towards their approved degree) in order to earn a stipend.
♦  Stipends are based on the number of approved units completed ($250 per unit)
♦  Book stipends are paid based on the number of units completed ($33 per unit)
♦  Permit and Degree stipends are paid at the end of the year if funding is still available.  Permit stipends are for first or upgraded permits.  Degree stipends are for AA, BA and MA/Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in an approved major.
Want to learn more?
Call us at 1-866-227-3773 or send an e-mail to caressd@ymacacrs.org

Please contact Diane Studinka at dstudinka@palomar.edu or extension 2208 with questions regarding this program.