APA Information

What Is APA Format?

APA format is the writing style designed by the American Psychological Association. It is used by most behavioral sciences, and will be the writing style you will use for all of your CHDV classes. Here, we provide you all the instructions you need to simplify writing in APA format!

How to Write Your Papers in APA Format:

Please use this APA 7th ed. Quick Guide and Checklist. Set up your papers just like the example in this document.
You are encouraged to print or save this document for future reference!

Use this Google Doc APA Template to help set up your papers in APA format! Click on “Make A Copy” and it will open a version of the template in your Google Docs, and open the template ready for you to type your paper!

Also, please watch this 20-minute video showing and explaining how to write a paper in APA format. 

video directions for APA

APA 7th Edition Instructional Video



Additional APA Resources

Sample papers in APA format

Citation Machine
Resource for you to cite your references.

Palomar College Library

Library Main Page

APA citation guide


Grammarly.com provides a grammar checker, with plagiarism detection and tips for writing improvement.  This is highly recommended to use before submitting your assignment.