Current Students


  • Book Voucher
    • $300.00  (12 units or more)
    • $225.00  (9 units to 11.5 units)
    • $150.00   (6 units – 8.5 units for DRC students)

Not sure how to order your textbooks and access your EOPS Book Voucher? Click here.

  • Student Supply Grant:  $50.00 grant for use at the Palomar College Bookstore
  • Waived Student Health & Student PIC Card fees
  • Transportation Support:  Semester Parking or Transit Pass.  Complete the Transportation Survey that was sent to your student email to receive this service.
  • PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) Membership: Receive reimbursement for the one-time PTK induction fee of $100. Students are only eligible for a single reimbursement. Schedule an appointment with your EOPS counselor to initiate reimbursement.
  • Graphing Calculators: Students enrolled in a course where a graphing calculator is required are eligible to receive one a single time. Schedule an appointment with your EOPS counselor to initiate this request.
  • Application Fee Waiver/Reimbursement:  CSU application fees should be waived automatically – if you apply to another institution and are seeking reimbursement, schedule an appointment with your EOPS counselor to initiate this request.
  • Priority Registration: Enroll in your summer and fall classes before other students. Don’t forget to take advantage of your early registration date!
  • Tutoring (STAR/STEM):  Priority tutoring appointments through STAR and STEM.  Just mention you are EOPS!


To remain eligible for the services indicated above you must adhere to the following.

  • Attend three EOPS counseling contacts each semester (see deadlines below)
  • Attend or cancel all scheduled counseling appointments 
  • Complete the semester with 9+ units (6 units if a DRC waiver is on file) 
  • Maintain a 2.0 semester GPA or better 
  • Complete the number of units for the book voucher amount received


Use the Events Calendar on the right to save these dates to your phone.

March 1  Recommended deadline for 1st EOPS/CARE Counseling Contact

March 4          Deadline to submit EOPS/CARE Spring 2023 Appeals

March 11        Deadline to submit CARE application

March 18         Deadline to submit pending EOPS documents

April 12        Recommended deadline for 2nd EOPS/CARE Counseling Contact

May 24    Deadline for 3rd EOPS/CARE Counseling Contact


Do I need to apply each semester for services? 

No. If you have fulfilled all the requirement in accordance with the EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract, you do not have to apply each semester. Ensure you complete your EOPS Online Continuing Student Orientation to remain eligible for services.  

How are EOPS Counseling appointments being offered during COVID-19?  

Please visit our EOPS Counseling Appointments page.  

I want to access my education plan; how do I do that?  

Please click on this link, to view a video with instructions.  


  1. Financial Aid
  2. Emergency Grants 
  3. AB540/Undocumented student 
  4. Mental Health Resources 
  5. Career Planning 
  6. Transfer Planning
  7. Tutoring 
  8. Learning Communities: Umoja; Puente
  9. Student Clubs 
  10. Keeping Connected-EOPS Connect (in-Canvas)