Crashing Classes – What to do when classes are closed

What is crashing a class?

If a class is full, you will have to “crash” the class. In order to crash a closed class (all spaces in the class are filled), you must attend the first class meeting. Let the instructor know you are not enrolled and wish to “crash” the class. If there are no-shows (enrolled students who don’t claim their seats), you may have an opportunity to receive a permission code to add the class. There are no guarantees on whether or not a student will be successful in crashing a class.


A waitlist is a prioritized list of students who want to crash the class. When a class is full, a waitlist might be activated, and you will want to add yourself to that waitlist to crash the class.  Here’s more information on waitlists including placing yourself on a waitlist.  Waitlists are not available for all classes.

Permission Numbers

If you are allowed to crash the class, the professor will give you a permission number or code to add the class. The permission number will allow you to add the class through MyPalomar. If the class is in your “shopping cart” in MyPalomar, you will need to delete it, and re-add the class to your shopping cart in order to apply the permission code. Permission numbers are required during the second week of the semester regardless of whether or not the class is open or closed. Here are instructions on how to use MyPalomar including adding classes with permission numbers.

Add Slips/Enrollment Forms

You will need an add slip (enrollment form) to add a class once the permission codes have expired (usually 2 weeks after the semester begins). Have your professor sign the form with the proper class information. Take the form to Admissions for processing.


Last modified on July 24, 2020