EME 106

Emergency Medical Technician (EME 106/106L)

EME 106/106L is the study of EMT theory and knowledge required for identification, treatment, and application of pre-hospital emergencies. This course prepares the student for National Registry, California and San Diego County EMT certification.  Students are required to complete 24 hours supervised ambulance and emergency department observations.

Upon completion of the EME 106 course, you will be eligible to take the National Registry Exam to receive your EMT certification.

This is a 7.5 unit course that is transferrable.

Prerequisites for EME 106:

  • Must meet one of the following:
    • EME 100
    • Combat Life Saver (CLS) Certification
    • TCCC
    • Corpsman Ranking
    • Prior EMT experience
  • AND posses a current CPR/BLS Certification for Healthcare Providers
    • You can obtain a CPR/BLS cert through the Naval Hospital on base or through the American Red Cross or American Heart Association out in town (please visit their website for information).

Camp Pendleton Course Information and Schedule:

Our EME 106 courses on base are in an 8-week format, running Monday, Tuesday, Thursday nights from 5:30 pm to 9:45 pm AND every Saturday from 8:30 am to 5:05 pm.

Next available EME 106 courses on Camp Pendleton:

**Spring 2019:

January 28, 2019 through March 23, 2019 (Fast Track 1)


April 1, 2019 through May 25, 2019 (Fast Track 2)

**For those who are interested in taking the EME 106 course in Spring 2019, PRIORITY REGISTRATION (for active duty military and veterans) will be on OCTOBER 29, 2018.  If you would like a guaranteed spot in the course, please be sure to enroll into the course on OCTOBER 29 through NOVEMBER 5th to receive a seat.  After NOVEMBER 5th, open enrollment will begin and the courses may fill up.  If you are deployed, in the field, or unable to access a computer at the time of enrollment, please contact our office at cppen@palomar.edu with your name, Palomar ID#, and course you wish to take so we may enroll you.


EME 106 Tuition and Additional Fees:

Tuition and fees for this course are listed below.  Please note that this is an estimated amount.  We highly recommend applying for Financial Aid through FAFSA to help pay for this course.

  • Tuition: $345.00
    • Could be covered by the California Promise Grant (formally known as the BOGW) by applying for FAFSA.
  • Student Fees (paid to Palomar): $196.00**
    • Includes $100.00 testing fee at the end of class.
  • Additional Course Fees (paid during the course):
    • Fisdap Study Tool: $31.25**
    • Fisdap Skills Tracker: $15.75**
  • Uniform: $225.00**
  • TOTAL: $813.00
    • TOTAL with California Promise Grant: $468.00

After the course is completed, you will be eligible to take the National Registry Exam.  There will be an $80.00 fee for the Cognitive Exam.

* * Items above could be covered my Financial Aid if qualified.  These items are also highly priced.  You can purchase your uniforms at a cheaper price- you do not have to purchase the most “expensive” items for your uniform.  They just need to meet the requirements! Those requirements will be outlined at your orientation before the class start date.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Palomar College Camp Pendleton at cppen@palomar.edu