Administration of Justice – Homeland Security






Prepares students for a career in the public or private job sector providing security services to institutions, government entities (Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration), and the general public. This program will give students general knowledge and skills of Homeland Security.

Associate Degree in Science (AS)

To earn an Associate Degree in this program, complete the program requirements below as well as the Associate Degree General Education requirements found here.
Program Requirements
AJ 100: Introduction to Criminal Justice3Fall 22Spring 21
AJ 101: Criminal Evidence3Fall 21Spring 21
AJ 102: Criminal Procedures3Spring 21
AJ 103: Community Relations3Summer 21Spring 21
AJ 104: Criminal Law3Summer 22Spring 21
AJ 106: Police Ethics3Spring 22Spring 21
AJ 151: Introduction to Terrorism3Spring 22Spring 21
AJ 152: Weapons of Mass Destruction 3
AJ 153: Issues in Homeland Security3
AJ 180: Criminology3Spring 21Spring 21
*CE 100: Cooperative Education3
FIRE 131: Emergency Preparedness3
Total Units 36

*Cooperative Education must be related to this major.

*All classes for SPRING 2021 semester will be conducted via remote learning.  Please check with your faculty member on which method of teaching they will be using.