How to do Business with Palomar College

Complete the District’s Vendor Information Form in order to be listed as a vendor and placed on our bid list.  Please email the completed form to

It is the vendor/contractor’s responsibility to check the District’s website and watch for advertisements for new bids.

The District is required to formally bid for expenditures of more than $200,000 for construction services and more than $109,300 for materials, supplies, or non-construction services to be furnished, sold or leased (California Public Contract Code Section 20651). If you express an interest in participating in the formal bid process, the buyer will ask you to send a letter asking to be added to our bidders’ mailing list. For goods and services below these dollar amounts, the buyer will use a variety of methods to secure competitive prices: telephone (oral) and written quotes, as well as formal bids.

The buyer’s responsibility is always to find the best value. Value is judged as the ability to obtain a product or services of specified quality at a designated time and at a reasonable and competitive price. Lowest price is not necessarily the sole determinant. Delivery time, payment terms, quality of the goods or services may also be considered. After all, a low price does not guarantee delivery, and a lower quality item may not prove price advantageous over the long run if it is replaced more frequently.

Vendors are required to maintain adequate insurance to protect themselves and the District from claims for damages or personal injury. Vendors must meet or exceed the District minimum standards for insurance limits.

District policy requires that a Purchase Order or CalCard must be used for the purchase of all goods and/or services. Be certain that you have a Purchase Order or District CalCard account number before you proceed with any service or before you supply any goods to Palomar College. This policy ensures prompt payment upon completion of services or delivery of merchandise. If you provide goods or services without Purchase Order or CalCard account number, you are doing business with the individual who places the order, not with the District. That individual is personally responsible for any obligations incurred. The District is not responsible for purchases not authorized by a Purchase Order, Contract, or CalCard account number.

Only a properly designated agent of the board of trustees, such as the Director of Business Services, can obligate the district for the purchase of goods and services. If you have any questions about this policy, please call the Business Services office at (760) 744-1150 or e-mail

Additional information is available regarding communicating with our Accounts Payable department in How to Process an Invoice.