Bid 102-17

San Marcos Campus – Painting Project

Type of Project:The project consists of
I. Preparing and Repairing Includes (as per section 09 01 90): existing surfaces for painting. This work may include chemical de-glossing of lead-based paint and removal of mold or mildew infested materials.

II. Painting Includes (as per specification 09 90 00):
A. Fluid applied paints and coatings. Upon completion of Work, all visible interior and exterior surfaces, within the Contract limits including factory primed or factory finished roof mounted mechanical and electrical equipment, shall be painted unless scheduled “Not to Be Painted” in the specifications.
1. Each paint system includes:
a. Surface preparation, including touch-up of shop applied primers, if needed.
b. Prime coat application, where scheduled as part of finish system.
c. Finish coat application, where scheduled apply two or more finish coats.
2. Paint semi-concealed areas (e.g. inside of light troughs and valances, behind grilles, and projecting edges above and below sight lines, behind wall-mounted items).
3. Repair and Painting of existing surfaces.
4. Surface preparation and repair of surfaces treated for lead-based paint abatement work.

B. Surfaces Not To Be Painted:
1. Prefinished wall, ceiling, and floor coverings.
2. Items with factory-applied final finish except roof-mounted equipment as defined above.
3. Concealed ducts, pipes, and conduit.
4. Glass, plastic laminate, ceramic tile, anodized aluminum.
5. Surfaces of steel items that will be embedded in concrete.
6. Surfaces specifically scheduled or noted on the Drawings not to be painted.
7. Fire-Rating labels on doors and frames.
8. Performance Rating labels on equipment.
9. Nameplates, cable or device identification labels, code required signage, etc.
Project Documents:Bid Documents
Mandatory Job Walk Sign in sheet
Bid Results
Project Stage:Awarded
"Mandatory" Conference/ Walkthrough:A MANDATORY pre-bid conference shall be held on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 1:00PM in the Governing Board Room, Rm. SSC-1, San Marcos Campus
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Closing Date:April 20, 2017, no later than 3:00PM
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