VRC Counselors

Contact the Veterans Resource Center to schedule your counseling appointment:

Veterans Resource Center
Office Hours Mon - Thur 8:00am - 5:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 2:00pm
Telephone (760) 744-1150, ext. 2173/2174
Email veterans@palomar.edu

How to Prepare for Your Counseling Appointment:

  • Counseling is available via Zoom, phone or in-person.
  • You will receive a confirmation and reminder of your counseling appointment via your Palomar student email and text message.
  • For Zoom appointments, you will need access to an electronic device, preferably a laptop or desktop. Camera not required. A Zoom link will be emailed to your Palomar email from noreply@palomar.edu within one hour of scheduling your appointment. 
  • Have your Palomar email open during the first 15 minutes of your appointment. You will receive an email from your counselor if there are connectivity issues. Watch this video to learn how to access your student email.
  • Students with disabilities who may need accommodations for their counseling appointment are encouraged to contact the counseling front desk to make arrangements with the Disability Resource Center (DRC).  For more information regarding accommodations, you may contact DRC at 760-593-7230 or visit the DRC website.
  • For more information, review How to Prepare for Your Online Counseling Appointment.
  • For in-person appointments, please show up 10 minutes prior to the VRC located in ST-52 to check-in for your appointment. Location information and maps located in the contact us section.

How to select which classes to enroll in:
  • Education Plan - You can view your Educational Plan via palomar.edu eServices from your student center.  Here you can find the General Education guide assigned to your major along with your declared major and external major (if you are transferring).
  • Advising Guide/College Catalog/Assit.org - Using these you can pull up the  General EducationMajor, and External Major associated with your major and fill in the blocks. Read all notes and ensure any previous classes from other schools are applied as well. The VA only pays for classes REQUIRED for each category.

VRC Counselors

Tina Barlolongcbarlolong@palomar.edu
Russ McDonaldrmcdonald@palomar.edu

Note: Federal privacy laws restrict the type of information we provide on the phone. We can only provide general information to students regarding their file. Parents and Spouses are reminded that we cannot provide information about the student without a written release signed by the student authorizing staff to discuss the record.