How do I start using my Federal VA Educational benefits at Palomar College?

Follow the instructions on our New Veteran Student Checklist.

How do I get Veteran Priority Registration?

If you’re using your Federal VA Educational benefits: come into our office and fill out a Benefit Coding Request form. You will NOT need to show us your Certificate of Eligibility, DD-214, or VONAPP.

If you’re not using your Federal VA Educational benefits: Active duty and reservist members can come into the Veterans Resource Center with a valid Military ID. Veterans can use their DD-214 (member 4 copy) for priority registration for up to 15 years of getting out of the service.

How do I receive a Proof of Acceptance or Letter of Intent to attend Palomar College?

If you need a "Proof of Acceptance" or "Intent to Attend" Palomar College, you will need to contact Palomar's Admissions office and submit a "Proof of Acceptance Letter" through their department.

How do I find out if I am considered an out of state resident?

Please contact our Admissions Office at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2164

If out of state resident: Submit Request for Review of Residence Status to the Admissions Office.

How do I know what classes to take?

You should be making regular appointments with a Veterans Counselor to keep an updated Education Plan by calling the VRC. Also, once your official evaluation has been completed, it will be emailed to you and kept on file in the Veterans Office. This evaluation can be used as a tool in determining what classes to take toward your official declared major. You can view your Educational Plan via palomar.edu eServices.  Here you can find the General Education guide assigned to your major along with your declared major and external major (if you are transferring). Using these you can pull up the  General EducationMajor, and External Major associated with your major and fill in the blocks. Read all notes and ensure any previous classes from other schools are applied as well. The VA only pays for classes REQUIRED for each category.

Do I need to let the VRC know if I add/drop classes?

Yes. You are required to inform the VRC if you add or drop classes. Failure to notify the VRC about a drop will result in a debt owed to the VA. Failure to notify the VRC about an add will result in low payments. Fill out an add/drop form at the VRC or email veterans@palomar.edu from your Palomar student email stating what classes and semester you are adjusting classes for and your student ID number.

How much BAH will I receive?

You can verify your benefit amount from the VA’s website.

VA Rate Table

GI Bill Comparison Tool

How long does it take the VA to process payments?

Normally, the VA takes from two to four weeks to pay out any certification that is certificated after the first of the month during peak times. This includes work-study payments. Plan for the delay.

Will the VA pay for required prerequisites?

Yes, the VA WILL PAY for any REQUIRED prerequisites such as English 50 and Math 50.  They will also pay for remedial courses such as English 10 or Math 15 for students who have placed into these remedial classes on their assessment test, however, the VA will not pay for these remedial classes to be taken online.

The VA will not pay for prerequisites for elective classes or some GE courses. Consult with a Veterans Counselor to ensure they are paid for.

Will the VA pay for recommended classes?

No, the VA DOES NOT PAY for recommended classes.

How does the VA pay for short sessions?

For non-standard terms, such as Summer or fast track classes, the units are considered to count more than full standard semester units. Please contact the Veterans Services Office with the start and end dates and number of units so we can calculate the equivalent number of units you’ll be considered for. For example, an 8 week, 3 unit class is the equivalent of 6.75 units for VA purposes.

  • How many units are considered full time?
  16 week Session 8 week Session 6 week Session 4 week Session Pay Status Equivalent
 Units 12 6 4 3 Full Time
9 4 3 2 ¾ time
7 3 2.5 1.5 >½ time
6 2 1 1  <½ time = No BAH

 Note: Post 9/11 Education Benefit pays to the nearest 10% of the student status. For example, if you are considered ¾ time (75%) the VA will pay 80% of the full-time BAH rate.

What happens if I stop attending class?

Always remember that the VA pays based on attendance. If a student stops attending a class, they must drop officially through the Palomar College Admission Office (eServices) or the professor has the right to drop you in accordance with the Palomar attendance policy. Once the class is officially dropped, you need to report the drop to the Veteran's Office via add/drop form. This is a student responsibility. Federal law requires that students’ report any change in enrollment status, which might affect their VA education benefits to the school and the VA.

What is the processing time for my benefits?

The Veterans Office strives to process all certification requests in under two weeks during peak time periods. Once your certification has been sent electronically to the VA, it depends on their processing times. You may call the VA at 88-442-4551 for a processing time estimate

How do I get on to Camp Pendleton if I have classes there?

If you are taking classes on the base or transporting someone to/from their class, you will need to request a Base Pass in order to access Camp Pendleton. You will not be able to access the base if you do not have sponsorship.

What do I need to know about Camp Pendleton Access?

You will be denied access to MCB Camp Pendleton if you meet any of the following disqualifying factors:

  • Any current charge or conviction within the past 10 years of homicide, rape, armed robbery, adult sexual assault, child sexual assault, child pornography, felony drug possession, felony larceny/theft, human trafficking, arson, extortion, immigration violation.
  • Engaged in actions or activities designed to overthrow the U.S. Government or a State Government by force.
  • Identification in the Terrorist Screening Database, known gang member, known supremacist or extremist.
  • Current arrest warrant, felony conviction within the past 10 years.
  • Military personnel discharged with bad conduct or dishonorable discharge, persons currently debarred from a military installation.
  • Criminal arrest information presenting a potential threat to the good order, discipline, health, or safety of persons aboard MCB CAMPPEN.
  • No valid driver’s license.

How do I apply for a Base Access Pass?

Please follow the instructions below to obtain your Base Pass.  Keep in mind we cannot process pass requests more than 25 days before the semester begins.  After the request is sent to Palomar, there is not a follow-up email until we send in the request to Base Access.

  1. Click HERE if you are a Palomar College Student who will need access to Camp Pendleton.
  2. Click HERE if you are not a Palomar College Student and will be providing transportation for a Palomar College Student.
  3. Palomar College Camp Pendleton Center staff will verify and route your request to the Base Education Center. This request is sent once a week from our office.
  4. From there, please allow 4 Business Days for your request to be approved by the Camp Pendleton Visitor Center.
  5. After your pass has been requested, processed, and approved in the 4 business days, you will need to pick up your pass at the Visitor’s Center located outside the main gate in Oceanside.  You will need to bring the following with you in order to pick up your pass: proof of Driver’s License, Car Registration, and Car Insurance.  Please do not attempt to pick up your pass before the 4-day period.
    • The Visitor’s Center is open Monday through  Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. It will take about an hour to obtain your pass, so please plan accordingly.  The Visitor’s Center can be reached at (760)763-8435.

*Passes are only valid for dates enrolled. This process must be completed every Semester/Fast Track you attend classes on base. Please keep in mind that passes that are not picked up within a 25-day period will be expired, and individuals will have to apply for base access again.

Important Notices, Please Read!

  • Driver’s Licenses and Identification cards marked “not valid for federal purposes“, “federal limits may apply“, or any other similar language may not be accepted by the Department of Defense for the purpose of un-escorted access (i.e. to obtain a Visitor Pass).
  • Non-U.S. Citizens who are not Permanent Residents of the U.S. may not be processed via the Sponsored Visitor Program. They are not eligible for un-escorted access and must be escorted in person by a Department of Defense Affiliate.
  • Palomar College Camp Pendleton Staff cannot escort you or provide transportation services while you are waiting on your pass to be issued.

Additional information & an FAQ can be found at the following link: http://www.pendleton.marines.mil/About/BaseInformation/BaseAccess.aspx