Family PACT

What is Family PACT?

Family PACT is a limited benefits health program that provides family planning services and limited family planning-related services.  It helps women and men avoid getting pregnant or causing a pregnancy when they are not ready.

What services are provided?

Benefits include FDA approved contraceptive methods and supplies, family planning counseling and education, sexually transmitted infection (STIs) testing & treatment, HIV screening and cervical cancer screening. Referrals are available for male and female permanent contraception and limited infertility services.


All Family PACT services are available at no-cost to you while you are enrolled. The eligibility process is completed through a Family PACT provider and has 4 simple eligibility criteria.  If eligible, your Health Access Program (HAP) card will be activated and you can be seen the same day.

1. You must be a California resident;
2. Your income for your family size must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines;
3. The client must have no other source of health care coverage for family planning services, or meet the criteria specified for eligibility with Other Health Coverage and;
4. You must have a medical necessity for family planning services.

The Federal Poverty Level Income Guidelines are based on the “basic family unit”.  The “basic family unit” consists of the applicant, spouse (including common-law) and minor children, if any, related by blood, marriage, or adoption, and residing in the same household.

If an applicant is claimed as a tax dependent by the applicant’s spouse or parents, the applicant’s basic family unit include the applicant, spouse if living together, the tax filer and the tax filer’s other tax dependents.

How do I apply?

Palomar College Student Health Center can enroll you into the program, if you are eligible. Contact the Student Health Center at the San Marcos campus to review your Family PACT Program – Client Eligibility Certification form to determine eligibility for Family PACT.

Please submit your completed Client Eligibility Certification through our secure Patient Portal. For more information or assistance, please call: (760) 891-7530.

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