Animals on Campus

In order to prevent discrimination on the basis of disability, the District will allow an individual with a disability to use a service animal or miniature horse in District facilities and on District property in compliance with state and federal law (BP 3440).

The following animals are permitted:

  • Animals specifically trained to assist individuals with disabilities as guide, service or signal dogs.
  • On-duty police dogs
  • With prior campus police approval, animals used for instructional purposes, for a limited time, and under the immediate control of the instructor or handler.
  • On perimeter roads and sidewalks, leashed animals are permitted.

One-time exceptions may be granted for events involving animals.

Animals are not allowed in unattended vehicles.

Owners of animals excepted or exempted by this policy must ensure vaccinations and licensing requirements are current, that the animals are in good health, and that the animals are registered with the County.

Owners of animals found on campus in violation of this regulation will be subject to citation and fine as provided by law and/or have their animals impounded by authorized officials.