San Marcos Documents/Forms

Fee and Enrollment Information

Fee Schedule 2023-24

Fee Schedule 2024-25

Weekly Menu

Our menus change with the seasons: here is a sample of our spring/summer menu and our fall/winter menu. Please refer to the menu posted in the office for updates to the menu.

Parent Handbook

Parent/ Family Handbook – Governing Board Approved 7.11.23- Document with ECELS policies and program information for families.

General Information/Forms

2023-2024 School Calendar – Provides parents with the current school year’s calendar including scheduled closures, parent events, and more.

2024-2025 School Calendar

Parent’s Guide to Immunizations – Provides parents with information on the requirements for immunizations.  Also explains the new laws regarding exemptions.

Immunization Requirements – Although designed to assist childcare providers, this document provides additional information on the requirements, specifically regarding when missing doses can be given.

Funding Income Rankings Refer to this table to see if your family is likely to qualify for funding.  Gross income (before taxes) is used to determine eligibility.  A pre-screening appointment with proper documentation is required to determine whether or not a family qualifies for funding.

Physician’s Report LIC701 ECE

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.