MATH-100 Exploring Mathematics

3.00 units

3.00 hours lecture

Prerequisite: Completion of intermediate algebra or the equivalent, or eligibility or completion of PSYC/SOC 205, BUS 204, or any course between MATH 100 and 245 (excluding MATH 197) based on multiple measures.

Transferability: UC/CSU

Grading: Grade/Pass/No Pass

Exploration of Mathematics is a liberal arts mathematics survey course designed primarily for students whose programs of study have no further mathematics requirements. Its purpose is to develop an awareness of the use of mathematics in the world around us. Emphasis will be on the communication of mathematical ideas, problem solving, applications, the historical, diverse and cultural nature of mathematics. This course contains the same content as MATH 100E, but does not include more instruction time to help students who can benefit from additional support. Topics are selected from: problem-solving, set theory, logic and reasoning, historical and other bases number systems, number theory, geometry, graph theory, cryptography, counting methods, probability, and statistics. Students who receive credit for MATH 100E may not receive credit for MATH 100E.