Palomar College Learning For Success

Counseling Department

Counseling Services Division

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is just one of the services provided.  Academic counseling includes the following:

  • Education planning (planning which courses to take)
    Speak with a counselor regarding any academic planning issues which may arise during your time at Palomar College.  Counselors can assist you with creating a semester by semester education plan to achieve your goals.

  • Career exploration
     Deciding on a career can be confusing and frustrating.  You may feel pressure to immediately pick a career in order to know what path to take.  Nevertheless, the career exploration process often takes time.  Counselors can assist you through this process.

  • Deciding on your program/major
    Counselors offer guidance to students who are uncertain of their major but know their career interests.  You are encouraged to explore your options with the guidance of counselors.

  • Transfer planning for UC, CSU,  Private and Out-of-State
    You will learn how to successfully transfer to a university.  You will receive assistance in researching and choosing the right university based on your individual needs.

  • Identifying additional support services and resources
    Palomar offers resources for your success and your support.  Counselors can refer you to the appropriate resource to assist you such as tutoring, first-year experience programs, or financial aid.

Last modified on March 18, 2019