Coop Ed Forms for Faculty

Faculty must ensure that the following forms are included in each student’s folder/packet at the end of the semester:

  • Coordinator Evaluation
    1. Fill out the top 3/4 of the form when conducting the job site visitation with the employer.
    2. Complete the Student Final Interview portion with the student at the end of the semester.
      • State the grade the employer wishes to give (from the graded Statement of Cooperation).
      • State the grade the student thinks he/she should get.
      • State the units the student is enrolled in
      • State the total hours worked & make sure the student has met the minimum hours requirement if giving a passing grade.
    3. Secure the student’s signature to ensure he/she understands their grade in the course.
    4. Make sure to sign the Coordinator Evaluation as well.
  • Statement of Cooperation
    1. A Statement of Cooperation should be given to the student after you have approved their work/internship goals.
    2. You must ensure that the goals are acceptable, prior to signing the Statement of Cooperation in the center.
    3. Student to sign & secure employer signature & return the Statement of Cooperation to you within one week of receiving it.
    4. At end of semester, student to have supervisor rate/grade student on the accomplishment of the 3 goals.
    5. Each student file must have at minimum one Statement of Cooperation with goals listed & employer suggested grade.
  • Learning Objectives Worksheet
    1. This worksheet is to be used as a tool for you to “approve” the student’s goals.  At the beginning of the course term, the student must fill out the Learning Objectives Worksheet with their supervisor & then submit it to you for approval.
    2. Once you approve of the goals, you will need to give the student the Statement of Cooperation, which should be returned to you within one of week (after the student fills out the goals, signs the center, & secures supervisor signature).
  • Enrollment Application
    1. Students must fill out an Enrollment Application for each job/internship that they are using towards the Work Experience Credit.
      • Collect Enrollment Application from each student PRIOR to census date & submit them to the Coop Ed Office.  We will then update your pay for the class, depending on how many Enrollment Applications  you have collected.
      • Certify your census roster & drop any student who does not submit an Enrollment Application prior to census.
    2. Ensure the student has signed the Enrollment Application, certifying the hours they must complete to pass
    3. Sign the bottom of the Enrollment Application, indicating whether the student’s employment or internship is Occupational or General.
  • Monthly Reports
    1. Students must submit verification of hours completed.  Most students will submit monthly reports to you each month, stating the hours worked and the progress made.
    2. Ensure that the employer has signed the report verifying the student’s hours.
    3. OR
  • TimeSheet
    1. Students must submit verification of hours completed.  You may opt to have students submit one Timesheet at the end of the semester, instead of monthly reports.  If using a Timesheet, you will need to add a questionnaire on Canvas so students can enter their progress each month on Canvas.  Ensure that the employer has signed the TimeSheet, verifying the student’s hours.

Please call or email the Coop Ed Office if you have any questions/concerns.  We can be reached at or by phone at 760/744-1150 x2354