Information for Palomar Staff Members

Students working for Palomar Departments If your department employs Palomar College students, those students can earn credit for the invaluable work experience they are gaining. Students can earn federal work study and Cooperative Education credits at the same time. More information is available here.

Student Internships Your department can also work with the Cooperative Education Department to offer internships to students. Internships can increase your department’s capacity while offering meaningful learning opportunities for students under real working conditions.

To host an intern, your department must have a supervisor who is willing to:

  • Work with the student to set 3 learning objectives
  • Provide training, guidance, mentorship, and constructive feedback to the student
  • Participate in a brief site visit (10 minutes) with an instructor from Palomar College during the semester
  • Sign off on brief monthly reports prepared by the student

Student interns are covered by Palomar College’s volunteer policy. You’ll need to complete the Request/Recommendation for Volunteer Service, have the student sign, and route for proper signatures. Human Resources will then contact the student to complete a LiveScan background check and a TB test checklist.

Your department will be charged $50 to cover the cost of the LiveScan. The student can complete the TB test checklist with their healthcare provider  or at the Student Health Center for $15.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cooperative Education Department at x2354 or