Course Offerings

Thank you for your interest in Cooperative Education.  Through Cooperative Education classes, you can earn course credit for what you learn on-the-job or through internships.

The Cooperative Education Department offers three classes each semester:

CE 100: Work Experience—Occupational.  Enroll in CE 100 if your job is related to your major or educational goals. CE 100 is an opportunity to apply what you learn in your coursework under actual working conditions.

CE 110: Work Experience—General. Enroll in CE 110 if you are exploring what your major and educational goals will be or if your job is not related to your major or educational goals.

CE 150: Internship. Enroll in CE 150 if you are participating in an internship, a temporary position with an organization designed to allow you to extend your learning under real working conditions. Internships can be paid or unpaid.

If you are uncertain which class to enroll in, please contact the Cooperative Education Office at (760) 744-1150 x2354 or

The Cooperative Education Department offers Full semester 16-week , late start 12-week, and Fast Track2 8-week classes.

You need to have a job or internship before the class starts.  For help finding a job, contact the Career Center. For help finding an internship, email or come by during office hours.

To enroll in Cooperative Education, follow these steps.

Step 1:    Find a job or internship. The Cooperative Education Department can help you find an internship.
Step 2:    Enroll in a Cooperative Education 100, 110, or 150 class.
Step 3:    Attend orientation. Upcoming orientation information is available here.

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