Service Learning Directions for Students

“Community service is such a great thing, and I think it should be included in more college classes. Students hear about what’s going on around the world, but they should also experience it.  It gives you a different feeling compared to learning in the classroom”.
– Palomar College Service Learning Student

Step-by-Step Directions For Service Learning
1. Learn from your instructor* about the Service Learning Assignment Requirements for Your Class. 
  • Browse through our Service Learning List of Community Partners to pick a service learning site that supports your academic, career, and/or personal goals. If you would like to volunteer at a community organization that is not on this list, contact your professor to get approval.
2. Before you begin your Service Learning hours:
3. After completing your Service Learning hours:

Our Service Learning Students do amazing work in our community!

*NOTE: If you are doing Service Learning for more than one class you must complete separate hours and assignments for each class. Please fill out two separate timesheets, two online registration forms, and two online completion forms. Using the same service hours for 2 classes is a “duplication of assignments” which is a violation of academic integrity. Please see the Palomar College Student Code of Conduct paragraph A.

Thank you for representing Palomar College and
making a difference in our community!