FAQ for Faculty

Can my students go to a Service Learning Site that is not on the Community Partners List?
Yes. It is up to the instructor. You have the authority to decide what type of service projects fit with your class and approve where your students volunteer. If you would like a custom list of specific service sites made for your class, please let us know.

I have a student that is doing Service Learning for another class as well. They asked if they could count it for my class too, is that allowed?
Students must complete the hours just for your class. They cannot count the same hours of service for 2 classes. For example, if they have two classes that each require 10 hours of service, they need to complete 20 total hours, 10 for one class, and 10 for the other. Please have these students fill out two separate timesheets, two online registration forms, and two online completion forms. Using the same service hours for 2 classes is a “duplication of assignments, ” violating academic integrity. Please see the Palomar College Student Code of Conduct paragraph A.

I have a student who cannot afford to travel to their service learning volunteer site. Do you have transportation resources for students in need?

We have virtual Service Learning opportunities and some Service Learning opportunities on our Palomar campus (with Health Services, Nutrition Center, Comet’s Closet, Brubeck Theatre, etc.) that might work well for students who have limited transportation. If you have a student who especially needs help receiving public transportation or gas assistance, we have bus/trolley day passes and gas gift cards for students in need. Students will need to be referred by a professor or qualify for financial aid. There is a limited supply. Please have your student fill out the form: Student Request for Transportation Support.

Can I take my whole class on a group Service Learning Project during our scheduled class time?
Yes. This can be a great learning experience and promote meaningful class discussion! Please have students fill out all of the paperwork and Service Learning steps listed.  You as the professor can sign the agreement form and time sheet. Professors will also need to fill out the Palomar College Single-Day Field Trip Authorization Request Form 

Can I invite my whole class to a group Service Learning Project outside of our class time, like on a Saturday?
Yes. This has been very successful in the past. Students enjoy volunteering alongside their professors. Please have students fill out all of the paperwork and Service Learning steps listed. You as the professor can sign the agreement form and time sheet. Contact servicelearning@palomar.edu if you would like help setting up a special service project for your class(es).

Can I get credit for participating in Service Learning?
Yes! Faculty and Staff can participate in Service Learning (with their class, on their own, or with colleagues) for Professional Development credit! (Participate in a Service Project. Sign in to your PD Porthole. Go to the Transcript page and click on the options box. Select Add External Training. Under the External Training (self-designed) Categories drop-down menu, select “Participate in the Service Learning Program”

Can I nominate students for the Excellence in Service Learning Scholarship Award? When should I do so?
 Please nominate your amazing student(s) by filling out the Nomination for Excellence in Service Learning Form. Faculty or supervisors at the Service Learning sites may nominate students from Fall and Spring semesters for the annual Service Learning Reception in May of each year. The deadline for nominations is April 1.