Service Learning at Palomar College

The Palomar College Service Learning program seeks to provide active, service-focused, community-based, learning opportunities for students. These opportunities are designed to build and enhance students’ commitment to academics, personal and professional development, and civic responsibility. The linking of students and faculty to the community through service is the primary focus and role of the Service Learning Department.

What is Service Learning?

The Corporation for National and Community Service defines community service learning as “a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.” It’s a hands-on approach to education and can take place in a variety of community settings.

The two major components of community service learning in an academic course are:

  • The student’s participation in a community service activity connected to course materials and
  • The student’s active reflection on the meaning of that service

Reflection activities are the key to growth and understanding. Activities may range from classroom discussions to journaling to research papers. These assignments enhance student’s understanding of course content, general knowledge, self-awareness and a sense of civic responsibility.

We always welcome new Service Learning participants. We have an extensive list of great nonprofit organizations in our community eagerly awaiting to hear from those that want to make a positive impact in their communities.

Who can participate?

Professors, Students, and Community Partners!

  • Professors can integrate Service Learning into the classroom by replacing an assignment, using it as an optional assignment or extra credit. Some projects are semester-long and others are one-day commitments. Professional Development Credit can be earned integrating Service Learning into courses. Click on Faculty for more information.
  • Students can apply course concepts to their Service Learning experiences at local non-profit organizations. Students are provided opportunities to increase their cultural competency, leadership and critical thinking skills, and develop valuable job skills. The experience will help them learn and grow! Click on Students for more information.
  • Community Partners are local non-profit organizations who have officially partnered with the Service Learning Department. They offer opportunities for students to apply their learning in the classroom to their service at non-profit organizations. Click on Community Partners for more information.

Want to learn more?

Reach out to us whether you are faculty member, a new or existing community partner, or a student needing additional information! We can work with you to see how to integrate Service Learning to meet your goals. Feel free to attend our virtual office hours on Tuesdays, 10-11am or schedule some time to meet!
Phone: 760-744-1150 ext. 3734

We look forward to assisting you!