Newly Accepted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance into the Palomar College International Student Program!
Please follow the steps below to prepare for your arrival to our campus.
New Student Check-In – Spring 2023

Meet the International Student staff! We are planning to meet on Monday, January 23rd at 8:00 am in the International Student Office, SU-103Map.

Please bring the following items:

  • Passport
  • I-20 Form
  • Local Address & Telephone Number

Important: You will be required to complete a Pre-Screening Form before coming on campus that day. This is quick and easy to do. Just download the Palomar College App to your cell phone. You will see a link for the Pre-Screening Form. Click on it and answer the questions and you will get a Campus Pass on your phone.

Presentations for New Students

Orientation Schedule

Campus Map

1.  Read all the information posted on how to select classes page.
2.  When you receive the Palomar student ID number emailed to you, create a password to log into  MyPalomar. Go to and click on MyPalomar (white link at top, right of the page). Click on ID/Password Help. Enter your Palomar student ID number in the top box, enter your date of birth, select a challenge question and enter a response that you will remember. Enter a new password – twice and click to Submit. Log into  MyPalomar and register for the semester. See the Student MyPalomar Instructions for help on Adding Classes. If you have trouble setting up your account, please see the suggestions on the MyPalomar Troubleshooting page.
3.  Make sure to pay all the fees immediately after your registration to avoid being dropped from the classes. You can make the payment in your Student MyPalomar  account using a credit card. Please note the following:


  • If you are using a non-USA credit card, please enter the Palomar College address as the credit card address when processing your payment, (1140 W Mission Rd., San Marcos, CA 92069).
  • Palomar College offers a payment plan. Visit the Nelnet Payment Plan FAQ’s for additional information. Payment Plan administered by Nelnet Business Solutions.
4.  If you do not have an F-1 visa yet, please see Visa Information.
5.  If you have not made any housing arrangements, please see Housing Accommodations page
6. If you have not purchased your school health insurance policy, please click here to enroll in your insurance .