Field Trip Form

Field Trip Guidelines

A Single-Day Field Trip is held in lieu of a single class meeting or as a supplement to regular class meetings. It may involve domestic or international travel. Students may
not be required to attend a single-day field trip unless such request is noted in the syllabus. This form is not required for an on-campus trip (i.e., trip to Library, Boehm Gallery, etc.) and when the class meets at the same time as scheduled.

Governing Board Policies and Procedures

As the instructor, it is your responsibility to be familiar with single-day field trip regulations as found in Governing Board policy and procedures. Only students registered in the class may
participate in single-day field trips. This form must be received by your Division Dean at least two weeks prior to the proposed trip. International Single-Day Field Trip requests, which require Palomar College Governing Board approval, must be submitted at least five weeks prior to the proposed trip.

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Palomar College is committed to the health and safety of all employees and students. All field trip requests must review Palomar College’s Recovery Plan on page 34 regarding COVID restrictions related to Travel and Transit.

Banned Travel States

Please review states that are banned from traveling to: List of banned states